Irma started making her first wood carvings at the beginning of the '80s in Argentina when looking for a way of expression. Developing different techniques of her own, she made progress in the knowledge of the wood and how to work with it, whilst facing more and more exigent
aesthetic objectives.

In 1987 she started being known in the city of Neuquen, where she made the first exhibition of her pictures at a shop in the centre. Given the impact of the exhibition and the demands from the public she started to teach children and adults the fruit of her experience in those introspection years. As a consequence, her techniques were diffused in a direct and indirect way, because some of her disciples are still teaching them at schools and workshops.

Irma showed and sold her works in the Artisans' Fairs of Neuquen –where she got involved in creating the Artisans' Centre–, Las Grutas and others.

In her pictures she uses only wood's natural colour and grains. She achieves this from rests of sawmills, the forest ground, the lakes and streams banks.

In 1993 Irma showed at the XI Cordoba's International Handicrafts Fair, where she obtained the 1st Prize in the carved wood category and two special mentions.

Her production goes from pictures to everyday objects: bread baskets, sewing baskets, trays, boxes, photo frames, among others. She lately focused on the production of pictures with different carving techniques and collages and in 1995 she presented her works in Pinamar (Buenos Aires province), where a permanent exhibition remains at the Carilo Tennis Ranch.

In 1997 she participated at La Feria del Sol through LORIEN, which takes place once a year at the Palais de Glace, in the city of Buenos Aires's, and in the Fine Art Museum's Friends Society.

In 2001 Irma introduced her work in the UK, exhibiting at Camden Lock, Green Park, Chelsea, Highgate, the Red Ban Gallery of Kings Lynn, and, in 2007, the Greenwich Artists Collective.

Irma is currently working on a new show coming soon.