Tribute to Valentine
A limited collection of 80 movements in 4 different forms.

The priest who was killed as a result of marrying a couple in a place and time where it was forbidden. No one knows what happened to the couple later.
Following the pulse of life we honor Valentine being present, open and perceptive to honor our own partners.

Game rules
1- Look closely to the 4 movements displayed on the wall
2- Choose a box thinking of the person who will receive it
3- Pay for the gift.
4- When you make the gift, if the person who receives it feels that the movement doesn't apply to them in any way, they can swap it free of charge.
5- To swap the movement, you can do so at the market.
6- Email , put on the subject SWAP, then tell us which movement you have and which one you would like and bring it to the market.